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Who am I?

Ilona Masurka Chebaani



Today I know that most of the years of my life up to now, I did not know who I really am and what I really want. So I identified myself mainly through my profession or with the family I was born into. After the many special encounters and personal processes on my paths, I can say today:


I am a woman with a relentless urge for my own truth. And always looking to find the right answers to the important questions in life.



A big thank you


To Prof. Franz Ruppert in Munich/Germany and Vivian Broughton in London/England for the many years of intensive training and accompaniment of my own self-encounters in identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy and theory.


For the wonderful trauma and co- dependency work with

Dr. Thomas Trobe and Amana Trobe in Italy and Switzerland.


For the many beautiful but also challenging moments that I was able to experience as a midwife with the mothers and their children and their families.


Especially to my son , who brought me into connection with my hidden depths with his birth.


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