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for people in health professions

Do you experience your everyday professional life as a therapist, doctor, midwife or nurse as increasingly challenging? Perhaps you often feel overwhelmed and think that you cannot meet the expectations placed on you.


There is often an overwhelming sense of responsibility slumbering in people in the helper professions, which can often lead to burnout. Or recurring problems and entanglements with colleagues, clients and patients arise due to personal conflicts.


When we deal with people professionally, accompany them, care for them or even save their lives, it can also happen that certain situations lead us into an overwhelmed helplessness, impotence or powerlessness.




Sometimes a family disposition or a special expectation are responsible for our career choice. But mostly more often we unconsciously choose our profession.


Self-encounter, based on identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy and theory can make it possible to find out and question whether our choice of profession and the way in which we exercise our calling is a positive expression of our empathy, talent and interest.


This is possible in the form of individual work or as a team in group work.

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